Published on 24-11-2015, by Dr. David R. Hawkins

Karma really means the totality of one's inheritance, which includes both the known and the unknown, both the linear and the nonlinear. To just be born a human being already represents the expression of untold millions of factors. Genes or chromosomes are merely the mechanisms of karmic transmission that already include the mechanics of physicality, the expression of which requires enormous informational patterns.

In essence, individual karma is an information package (analogous to a computer chip) that exists within the nonphysical domain of consciousness. It contains the code of stored information that is intrinsic to, and a portion of the spiritual body or soul. The core represents a condensation of all past experiences, together with associated nuances of thought and feeling. The spirit body retains freedom of choice, but the range of choices has already been patterned.

Karma propagates via the soul, and is inherited as the consequence of significant acts of the will. Karma also means accountability – and every entity is answerable to the universe. To summarize, as is commonly known, karma (spiritual fate) is the consequence of decisions of the will and determines spiritual destiny after physical death (the celestial levels, hell, purgatory, or the so-called inner astral planes [bardos]). Included also is the option of reincarnation in the human physical domain, which, by consciousness-calibration research, can only be done by agreement, chosen this pathway. In addition, consciousness research confirms that all persons are born under the most optimal conditions for spiritual evolution, no matter what the appearance seems to be.

Everyone already has a calibratable level of consciousness at the moment of birth that is thereby correlated with physicality itself. The Western world accepts karmic consequences subsequent to physical death as the destiny of the soul. The Eastern world accepts the reality of karma as an ongoingness of the evolution of the spirit over great periods of time. Consciousness calibration confirms and extensively demonstrates that every intention or action, even in its most minute details, is embedded and recorded forever within the infinite field of consciousness. As stated, everyone, without exception, is accountable to the Universe. Thus arises the wisdom that "God is not mocked," and that "Every hair on one's head is numbered."